Wednesday, July 7, 2010

BLACK FLAG while recording DAMAGED c.1981 *

Here's another rarely if ever seen shot. It was taken down the block from Unicorn studios in West Hollywood in 1981 or so. At this time Black Flag were recording what would be their first full album release, and in my opinion one of the greatest albums of all time, (sorry I can't say that for any of the non-compilation LP's to follow). The band was living at the studio and coincidentally i happen to be living in my first apartment just a few blocks away. I'm sure if you've found this post you've got this album, if not, go get it now fool.

*recycled old post (2/17/09) while i'm in Dublin


  1. Wish I could make the opening, but I'll be 170 miles south. I'll get there before the exhibit closes

    Enjoy Dublin Glenn, thanks for all the great photographs


  2. damaged is definitely my favorite black flag album. henry's looking rather oi! in this photo also.