Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How to Open A New Book, Fuck Face

I just hate it when i see someone open a photo book and not respect what went into printing it and getting it to you in the pristine shape it probably is in. I mean, don't you realize that when you turn a page and fold it or put a crease in it, or smear your greasy hand across it, like an idiot because you don't want to take your time, you will never have that page looking as good as it should for the LIFE of the book, ever again, just because you were a lazy sod at that one fucking moment. If it's your book and you don't give a fuck then that's your prerogative, but if it's a book to be shared or even worse, it' belongs to someone else, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU? Turn the pages like you have a human brain, don't ruin a beautiful book because you're a Neanderthal. Thank you.

So this brings me to a cool post i found at BoingBoing today that reinforces the idea of taking care of your books:

(click on image to see it full size)

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