Sunday, September 5, 2010

Uganda Skate & Solidarity Project

from Sparrow Media:
One year ago Cassi Amanda Gibson visited their handmade skatepark and emailed us photos. Since then the kids of the skateboard union and Jackson Mubiru, the union’s founder, have consistently inspired us and everyone else who we shared their story with.

To say that skateboarding will put an end to a 20 year long civil conflict would be naive, but the principals exercised by the Uganda Skateboard Union have, and will continue to change lives for the better. In a region where international non-profits and NGO’s providing aid are often viewed with skepticism, or viewed as parental, these youth have created their own social epicenter where their positivity and creativity is infectious.

Their numbers are growing exponentially every day, and with the growing numbers, gear and resources are being run through faster then they can arrive in the region. Sparrow was stoked to team up with Sky High Skateshop, Special Sauce, Supreme, and Boundless NYC in helping provide the Union with over 100 pairs of brand new skate shoes, dozens of new decks, trucks, clothes, books & magazines. The kids were stoked too. Cassi and her sister Nicolette returned to Kampala twice over the course of the year to bring the kids more supplies and to film a short video for

Please donate to the Uganda Skateboard Union via Pay Pal via


  1. Thanks so much for posting this Glen! Do you know of any other ways we can get involved with helping the kids in UG outside of just donating to the paypal account?

  2. sorry i do not, but i would recommend you get in contact with the people on Vimeo who posted the video "Sparrow Media" they may be of some further assistance.