Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sunday was HOLLIS DAY
(aka Jam Master Jay day)!

The one and only DMC.

Ed Lover, looking back as he's pulling away.

Kenny Lee, holdin' it down.

DMC excited and honored with Jay's son, Jayson to the left and Run's son, "Diggy" to the right.

Russell, Jayson, DMC, Fred "Bugs", Ed Lover

I went out to Hollis Queens, NY with my old friends Kenny Lee, Russell Simmons and Brett Ratner. Russ and RunDMC&Jam Master Jay were to be immortalized in the sidewalk "Hollis Walk of Fame" by Hollis Playground, right on The Ave. amoungst others. We had a great time, seeing some of the old crew and friends is always cool, Hurricane was there as well as Diggy (Run's Son) and Jay's oldest son, Jayson, OG hip hop radio DJ extraordinaire, Fred Bugs, MTV's ED Lover (also being honored in the walk), and last but not least one of the brightest souls out there DMC, Darryl McDaniels, with his right hand man Erik Blam. The whole event was orchestrated by Orville Hall and his "Hollis Famous Burger" & Hip Hop Museum. Thank You.

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