Thursday, October 7, 2010

You like chicken nuggets don't you?

nice post on BoingBoing to wet your appetite in case you never watched the must see movie "Earthlings".
above Visual treat of the day: mechanically-seperated chicken paste.
Someone figured out in the 1960’s that meat processors can eek out a few more percent of profit from chickens, turkeys, pigs, and cows by scraping the bones 100% clean of meat. This is done by machines, not humans, by passing bones leftover after the initial cutting through a high pressure sieve. The paste you see in the picture above is the result.

This paste goes on to become the main ingredient in many a hot dog, bologna, chicken nuggets, pepperoni, salami, jerky etc…

The industry calls this method AMR – Advanced Meat Recovery.
Mechanically separated chicken paste looks like strawberry soft serve

watch EARTHLINGS on google video free in it's entirety,
thank me later. Narrated by Joaquin Phoenix.

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  1. Thank you very much Glen. You just changed my life for the better by posting this info. I'm changing my ways.