Friday, October 29, 2010


Honestly I had no idea what the fuck i was getting into friday night a few weeks ago, but these Italian kids got to me somehow (maybe it was the oliva dolce they brought me from home?) I had a nice time hanging out and talking the night before, seeing them at their sound check the next day, then decided "what the hell" i'll bring my camera and if inspired i'll shoot some photos. Shit did i feel old ;-) Well i'm still not sure what it is you'd call exactly what they do, or what i witnessed (some crazy peek at the future perhaps?) But, i did have a good time and i think i got some dope shots. The kids there loved it, as did the friend who i brought along. Here below is my favorite photo of the evening - if not the year. (Yes, i can still do this motherfuckers! click on it to see it bigger).

Here's a link to their Death Crew 77 website

and this cover they do of a Refused song:

“Every day an artist gets up and knows he has to run. He has to run faster than the distant fragments of our time, faster than the voices hemming him in, telling him that however much he thinks,imagines, writes or comunicates, the system has already found a new way of drowning him out.
Faster than the army of pretentious pinheads boasting artistic bollox, screaming their cheapskate anger, selling out for twenty seconds of fame, filling their arses with gold so they can say I was there, applauding midgets dressed up as giants.
He knows he has to chase ideals that have packed their bags And run off to the nearest tourist haven or tax haven and chase gods that ask for a discount on the rent on olympus and apartments with a view of the clouds because, if they look down, they say they get an urge to throw up.
Down here, it’s all ours, it all belongs to men and women, but it’s common knowledge that we’ve never had a particular talent for doing things well.
Every day an artist gets up and knows he has to run. What he doesn’t know, perhaps, is that he doesn’t have to run …alone”.
btw. they are playing Los Angeles Saturday night, check out their MySpace page for more west coast shows in the next few days, then onto Europe. If you're young you probably already know about them. i'm not. i didn't. And honestly i'm still not sure what to make of it all. But like i said, i had a good time and the whole crew was really cool. (I think you'll be seeing more of my photos of them in the future.)

BONUS: Another thing i liked about these guys is that they seem to do most everything themselves, the video below was conceived and directed by the band themselves. Can't be mad at that.


  1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing, good stuff.
    In the same line, but a little bit more hardcore :

  2. Haha, fun stuff. The Beetroots on this blog... Never thought I'd see the day.