Sunday, December 5, 2010

CHUCK D. goes off on Twitter earlier this evening, from South Africa

My old friend and one time collaborator on some fine LP covers, Chuck D. of Public Enemy and radio station WBAU was in classic form tonight when i checked in on Twitter. He's one of the less than 40 people I have on my follow list. He wasn't working with the 140 characters, but he was working IT. Dropping some science for just about two hours straight, probably as fast as he could type on his iPad. I sent him a message @MrChuckD towards the middle, probably why he name checked me towards the end there.

So start from the bottom and read your way up to get his messages as he intended.

Instead in 2011 I will follow a million people to see what's inside the minds of the world. I always do more listening than talking. PEace

Lstpt. I don't look to be followed.I only tweet from my iPad.I'm deeper than 140 and refuse to do it from phone like it's some human remote

@rolfmohr thus I became a twitiot tonight Goodnight and great morning from beautiful Johannesburg South Africa

@rolfmohr I in turn will use Twitter tofollow people instead ofthe other way around.I rather have 200 focused people than 3 million twitiots

@rolfmohr Simple I don't tweet. I'm deeper than 140 characters And I only do it from my iPad not my phone I'm am not to be followed.

When I get back to NYC in a week to turn over some desks..oh Yeah ,like said I come from a people who will tell folk to keep their FKN money

But ill be damn if I'm allowing that bullshit to infiltrate Africa into Amerfrica . Nope. So Glen Friedman tell Russell to join me when I ..

.. true HipHop generation led by the love of it behind an unknown door. 20 years since the PE anti Semitic charges we now see your results
..Had ourselves.. Soul is a bullish repellant. Without esteem and self confidence it's easy to image inject a mass. This is 35 and under ..
..Seem like you are wasting your lifetime being normal. I say this in closing. In my day black people could fight off bullsht because we..
A city block. Nervous. There are plenty of people who happy nobody knows them , so they can continue to FK peoples esteem up and make folk..
But your word sometimes must help and inspire. So I damn their exploiters who wait for their piece inthe back. LA Reid probably can't walk
Even if we talk Rick Ross or Nicki Minaj their obligation is to somehow give sometime not TAKE, and realize how to be around more than a min
I waited to be 50 so I could brag about it. And witnessing the mass debris of artists the past 20 years who now know that their word is bond
..Black celebrity must know that no one owns a culture they only borrow it because it comes from the people thus must return in high spirit
These are the people behind the barrage of image who some of them believe they are celebrities themselves. But a celebrity especially a
They take car service from point to point rather than a cab or a train. I'm talking entertainment execs usually the black ones in charge.
When a MF sits their ass up in a Viacom office they have little idea of the power emitted. It goes beyond their Job. You never know them.

I traveled the world to 76 countries in person not to have projected holograms make human beings feel inferior to the guise of celebrity.
I speak when I recognize crucial turning points.Africa can be the center of the hip hop planet on it's own terms it can't be steered from NY
I say all this tonight because a potential image and cultural poison has been planted inAfrica to create Amerfrica the nerve of businessmen
I tell Lyor Cohen at Warner don't be hidden and not so invisible when it comes down to being in charge of artists look but hate black folk
Clive Davis behind lives in some high rise , Jimmy Iovine lives in Malibu he's behind 50 EM Dre and made a lotta green off black bloodshed
Again I carry nothing but my head and heart , people should keep their jobs but I'm here to put FEAR into their bosses again people you dt C
He's gotta keep his job and satify his bosses in NYC HQ . So my goals are to fk his bosses up. We cannot afford Africa to become Amerfrica
But they are invited into the homes and heads.I'm trying to tell the bro here in AfricaMTV that turning Africa into Amerfrica Is not the way
Hot 97 broadcasts to millions but no one knows where the DJs live If somebody knocks on their home with that BS they the first to call cops
Something young heads can feel good about. If a so called celebrity is only looking for money from the people without even giving real talk
Radio DJs say zero for the people thus they are responsible for the condition. If you 40 talking to 20 year olds, your old asses should say.
Be accountable to the people and stop making young people feel inferior. They have the artists afraid by threatening to cut off their money
Start hiding when I'm in their building. It's funny I won't Nothing from them but to be accountable oh yeah just lil ol me no bodyguards..
MTV BET radio conglomerates , usually the men who pay the people you know and sometimes love. I'm 5-9 don't have a weapon and those fools ..
I don't blame people, I tell them don't be alarmed when I kick the gatekeepers asses Corporations and executives you don't know or ever see
Clubs are louder than ever because people ain't saying sht Can't look eye to eye And rather text than talk to someone a foot away. Lastly.
You have to one day think of yourself as better than an image thrown at you. It's ok to tell a person bragging about their $ Yeah. ?
It's not a rant it's the clear and obvious truth never have we looked so good and been so hollow. Black americans are becoming mannequins
Thus I am done being a twitiot and picking Electronic cotton and diggin digital ditches tonight from SA where a nation of millions are movin

Last point Black america gotta nerve to say what work we ain't gonna do, claiming we picked sht..WE ain't did sht our people did it w skill
Trust me Jay Z Beyonce Diddy probably run from their family. Can you imagine them at a cookout?... probably got security and bodyguards
The fakeness of black celebrity is this. They are a sliver away from the poverty and drama of their own family.It's not the blue blood elite
@sunspotjonz Multi tasking like hit beats in a club time in your own business but fly the plane dude, cmon.
@sunspotjonz yup make yourself a tool I come here and the amount of people WORKing at skill areas is boggling. Men and women doing work
In the unitedstates continued genocide is backed by the LAW.Protecting the hood is considered taking the LAW into your own hands =violation
There are places in this world that taken THUGs who took the hood for granted and had their heads chopped off and put on posts in town..
What kind of country makes smart people wanna reduce and dumb themselves down? I don't want a FKN pilot who comes an tells me he makes beats
And I'm a knick fan but cmon money ain't everything . And in real life it's a tool remember make yourselves valuable and money will come
The USA is like the NY Knicks last 10 years a lot a hype swollen pockets lazy as f"k and not got the nerve to swing on old championships
@BrazenWords well I just got of the stage in South Africa I clearly see how far black people have fallen off from black people home a
Take the dollar just don't believe it , they got the nerve to print in God We Trust . Americas god is a dog just ask my man Mike Vick

  @MsTrinaAquarian personal substance usually ends up in the garbage or yard sales within a year. Salvation Army andvPAWN shops are loaded!
I always encouraged THUG mcs to stop BS in and their companies and Mgt to do prison tours ...but many were scared. It's not a place for lies
....knowledge wisdom and understanding qualities of life you can't but or get from a microwave Technology can teach the nxt generations But
No offense to the homeless , but I know people who live in a big ass house who are homeless like a MF. Inside designers are ....
Now that we are allowed to buy designer gear , the question is who designs our insides. Bling on the outside homeless on the inside.
Trust me black people I come from were skilled but they had their soul. Bold enough to tell fools I don't want your FKN money keep that sht!
Nothing worse than a person that knows better and does worse one takes Sht to the grave. YOU are measured by word and deed ..MCs heed
@rappinhood PEace my brother from Brazil

I come from a legacy of people bold enough to tell a drug dealer pimp or govt we don't want your FKN money and not the least impressed ethr

That was to some peeps from Johannesburg South africa

@MrChuckD thank you for representing we are grateful for you your city and country PEace and luvout

@TDdaPG7 thank you sir AND your city and country we are humbled Mr T

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