Saturday, December 18, 2010

Revenge Of The Electric Car Trailer Hits!

One of my favorite documentaries of the last 5 years "Who Killed The Electric Car" is about to be followed up with it's sequel! "RevengeOf The Electric Car".
While Bill O’Reilly and David Letterman sit wondering where all the electric cars are, Director Chris Paine has actually been out there documenting their resurgence. The result is his documentary “Revenge of the Electric Car”, a sequel to the hit 2006 film “Who Killed the Electric Car?”.

With their official Facebook page hitting 10,000 fans this week, the first trailer for the flick (complete with thumping Gregorian chants) is now online. In an email to AutoblogGreen, the producers wrote, “The fact that so many people want to see this film and spread the word proves how important it is for everyone to learn about electric vehicles as an alternative to gasoline-powered cars and to be informed about new developments in EV production and what kind of options there are out there for consumers ready to shift into an electric gear.”

Check out the trailer below.
from Ecorazzi


  1. I met Alexandra Paul (who appears in the first one) once, she was super cool. After discussing animal rights for awhile, she told me her brother is in prison for direct action.

  2. Very interesting.
    I didn´t know this documentary.
    Greetings from The Basque country.

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