Saturday, April 16, 2011

Great Hank Shocklee Interview

Here's an interview with one of my good old friends, music producer, cultural critique, hustler, Hank Shocklee, the leader of the infamous Bomb Squad, who of course produced all the Public Enemy recordings I shot the covers on, not to mention countless other tracks and artists.

here's the blurb that came with the clip:
Public Enemy is without a doubt the most influential rap group of our planet. Thanks to Hank Shocklee. The founding member and legendary DJ/producer gives you an insight into the beginnings of P.E.. Whether it is the complementary combination of the voices of Chuck D. and Flavor Flav, or the legendary noisy and soulful sound design of Public Enemy, making rock 'n' roll by the means of hip hop - Shocklee's beats has always been balanced out ingeniously in order to be charged with fierce energy. Being a DJ the turntable have always been a fundamental part of the intrumentation. Moreover Hank Shocklee provides some really exquisite recipes for unique production results.

My Hank Shocklee photo at top of this post, shot in the jail in New Jersey, away from the set of "Black Steel In The Hour of Chaos" video shoot. circa 1988. (see the video below)

check Hanks main web presence at

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  1. I was a serious cyclist when PE came to my attention. So I have fond memories of riding with my crew and hearing someone in the back rapping this song. In the middle of a hardcore paceline, it wasn't uncommon to hear one of the crew yell, "Death row! What a brotha know!" Good times.

    I'm back to skating and surfing now, but I still have a big PE sticker on box in which I keep my surf gear in the car.

    Thanks for this, Glen!