Saturday, April 30, 2011

Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten

I finally watched this very informative great documentary on Joe Strummer on cable TV tonight, highly recommended for Clash fans obviously, but really anyone into early UK punk at all will appreciate this. Julien Temple did an incredible job on the documentary, of apparently one of his "great friends". It's over 2 hours, but really nice.

My only complaint is that he does not show any of the names of the talking heads in the movie, some are recognizable or you're able to figure it out in context, but others leave one thinking what is the credibility of this voice? who are they and why are they in this movie? Particularly towards the end it gets really corny with some of the celebrity cameos. But the rest of the film is so well done I still recommend it.

here's the trailer:

If you can't find the film on TV somewhere or don't want to rent it, I noticed it's on YouTube in like 15 parts.

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