Wednesday, November 21, 2012

UCLA - Optimists?

I went to school at UCLA for 5 years, never graduated (anyone reading this have a way to put my on the list for honorary degree?), had some great and some horrible teachers. It was extremely competitive, to the point where people wouldn't even share notes, let alone let you copy off their tests. I became very dis-illusioned with the system while there. Imagine being a published photographer already for almost 5 years having produced a very popular punk album already, and because my GPA was not high enough I was not allowed in the major of my choice, communications, at that time. At which point i just decided to take all the (1) classes i found interesting, giving up on graduating in the normal fashion. I ended my days there as a philosophy major, before moving back to New York to work more closely with the then burgeoning little label called DEF JAM.

Here's a video that a friend saw as a commercial over the weekend during a college sporting event, promoting the school. At about 10 seconds in, tucked between Francis Ford Coppola and James Dean there's a quick edit of Greg Ginn from Black Flag going off, interesting moment to include in this fascinating little piece of Los Angeles history.

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