Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Andre Franklin with the Preston Epps Trio "SAY YEAH!" (Polo, 1965): NY Night Train Party Platter

This is the continuing series I will post every other day while i'm out of town, thanks to Jonathan Toubin DJ of New York Night Train

Los Angeles Soul dance party excellence featuring Mr. Bongo Rock himself! I hear Preston Epps is still active in the Los Angeles area and still amazing! This track pairs him with a smokin' band and the soulful vocals of Andre Franklin. "Lemme hear you say 'Yeah!'" "Yeah!" The floor always gets involved in the call and response when DJs drop this one. And if this doesn't make you wanna move, you may be dead...

This video is a today's installment in the New York Night Train Party Platter YouTube playlist ( Every track is recorded directly from the original 45s (no bootlegs, reproductions, etc) to give you an idea of what the real deal authentic vinyl sounds like. COME BACK EVERY DAY FOR A NEW FIX! Because the records pass so quickly at my parties, this channel is an attempt to slow down a bit and focus on one record at a time in hopes that it'll hip you to artists, tracks, and other details - and, on the most base level, give you something to listen to.

Get your enjoys,
Jonathan Toubin

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