Sunday, July 26, 2015

In Honor of Baseball Hall of Fame Weekend and the undeniable respect Hip-Hop artists have for the game

I present this find from the STRAIGHT//OUTTA//COOPERSTOWN tumbler:

A mashup of Hall of Famers from America’s two favorite pastimes.

“Then I get physical and hit you with another hit /The brother’s it, and nothing’s equivalent”
“Then I get physical and hit you with another hit /
The brother’s it, and nothing’s equivalent”

“Do the Smurf, do the Wop, Baseball Bat /Rooftop like I’m bringing ‘88 back”
Rooftop like I’m bringing ‘88 back”

“The pitcher all on the mound /Throwin’ fastballs with a curve,the nerve of speedballin, HA”

“Crank shit, Shawshank Redemption scholar/Roll up, based on dollars, baseball hat, big collar”

“Yo, my man, how bad do you want it? /You know how many cats I threw the pitch, and they never caught it?”

“Can’t do the shit we do, the way we do wit’ no dough /That’s like trying to win a ballgame, if you ain’t takin’ no score”

“You need to put me in the hall of fame /I’m worldwide, a legend in this game, (check the resume)”
“How the fuck can I stay out the pen /When it’s one-two-three strikes you in”
“They get in a slump like baseball players when they short on they rent /Anything goin’ you ain’t knowin’ how much money you spent”

“Whip smelling like fish from 125th /Throwing ketchup on my fries, hittin’ baseball spliffs”

“You talk all that robbery shit, but it’s lame /You wouldn’t steal first base at a baseball game”

“Never defeated not conceited, but let’s face facts /Couldn’t beat me with a motherfuckin’ baseball bat”

“I get baseball money, check my home run average /Take over the game and let my homeboys have it”

“So what, I’m a player, playing the field /if you want me, you better yield”

“Wherever I go, my crew is true to swarm /Got stripes in New York like Yankee uniforms”

“I go for the home run, you the type to bunt /No support, stay in court twice a month, light the blunt”

“All day ho, my neck look sweeter than parfait ho /Rap Derek Jeter in a red two seater /I can throw this dick from far away ho”

“Coming in the club with that fresh shit on /With something crazy on my arm /Uh-uh-hum, and here’s another hit; Barry Bonds”

“Now I’m in the 9th inning /Thought I fell off, ain’t quite finished”

“Wu Killa Bee appear on your body like the pox /Keep rivalries like Yankees and the Red Sox /I’d rather see it in the ballpark, then see it on the block”

“And big hitter in, leavin’ a fitter in, literin’ /Get rid of considerin’, rocks be glitterin’”

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