Thursday, July 2, 2015

Some interesting and infamous musicians
... when they were children

from our friend Tara McGinley at Dangerous Minds

Nick Cave

This morning, my husband sent me the above baby Nick Cave photos for a chuckle (talk about a “bad seed” wonk wonk). For whatever reason, it became my mission, dear Dangerous Minds readers to find even more photos of rock starts (that was a typo, but I’m leaving it) as children. So, yeah, this what I’ve spent my morning doing. YOU’RE WELCOME.

We were all babies once, you know!

Debbie Harry (who turns 70 on July 1!)


David Bowie


Dolly Parton


Brian Eno


Kathleen Hanna


John Lennon with his mother


Kelley and Kim Deal


Lydia Lunch


Marc Bolan


Joey Ramone with his father.


A one year old Diana Ross with her older sister Barbara Jean “Bobbi” in 1945.


GG Allin


Sid Vicious


Brian Jones


Boy George


Patti Smith


Lemmy Kilmister


Jimi Hendrix and dad


Janis Joplin


Freddie Mercury


Nina Simone


John Lydon


Ian Curtis


Syd Barrett


Genesis P-Orridge, then known as Neil Megson




  1. i like debby harry, all blondes like to read in bed.. gentlemen prefer telling them bedtime stories..

    ; )