Saturday, December 10, 2016

Black Flag 1982 on my Instagram

BLACK FLAG circa 1982, Henry Rollins on vocals, Greg Ginn in the background and Chuck Dukowski flailing around on stage in the foreground, looks like he's maybe even about to fall on me. This looks like one of those shows in Santa Barbara, BLACK FLAG peak era with Dez on second guitar. This is a rare color image of the band, becuase we really didn't have any publications that printed in full color back then that were interested in PUNK ROCK, i had Action Now that would give us occasional color coverage with punk photos, but even when it came time to the full feature on BLACK FLAG in the very last issue of SkateBoarder's ACTION NOW, we only got B&W pages. Black Flag was my favorite band, particularly during this time. Shows were exciting and thrilling like you could barely imagine, the unpredictability of the crowd and often the local authorities, not to mention the bands intensity on any particular night, you just had no idea of what was gonna go down, but it was a catharsis, an emotional and physical release i wish everyone could have the chance to experience at a show, particularly in an independent space. this photo originally appeared in my book FUCK YOU TOO, and although this one is not in MY RULES the book, there are a lot of incredible BLACK FLAG images that are, some classics and some never seen before. Essays of inspiration from 22 different subjects, including Dukowski and Rollins. Truly incredible. Get this huge monster of a book now if you haven't already 👊🏽 #inspiration #Radical #BlackFlag #HenryRollins #integrity #MyRules #SprayPaint #RiseAbove #Damaged #PoliceStory #GetTheNewBook #Punk #HardcorePunk #Politics #change

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