Friday, December 16, 2016

HR - 'Finding Joseph I' - The Documentary

Tonight I went to a screening of the film "Finding Joseph I" It was much better than I expected, also much more emotional for me to see, and especially to see Joseph answer some questions after the screening. The same guy that i remember with so much charisma and character became a shell of himself and even less over the years, now seems to be in some form of control over his diagnosed schizophrenia, just slightly, it's heavy duty.

I can highly recommend the film, except there were more than a few people who didn't need to be in the film for their observations and knucklehead opinions, but it was a journey and if you have seen HR back in the late 70's or early 80's as I had, and then witnessed the deterioration or absolute unpredictability from the late 80's onward, this gives you the deeper window of sorts you were hoping for. Some really interesting family history in the early part of the film as well. (I never knew he and Earl rode skateboards in the 60's!)

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from the website:
HR "Finding Joseph I" is a feature documentary currently in production, chronicling the eccentric life and struggles of punk rock reggae singer, Paul "HR" Hudson, a.k.a. Joseph I. The charismatic frontman's energetic and explosive live performances helped pioneer hardcore punk rock with the Bad Brains, one of the most influential bands to rise out of the 1980's. HR's heavy devotion to the Rastafarian faith guided him in a spiritual direction leaving the band several times to explore his love for reggae music as the solo artist, HR Human Rights. Over the years, the Bad Brains have reunited several times only to struggle with the unpredictable singer. HR's increasingly strange and abnormal behavior has left many convinced that he his suffering from psychological troubles while others believe he is still living out his journey as one of the greatest frontmen in rock and roll history!

This documentary will feature interviews with musicians and peers HR has worked with and influenced as they share their stories and first hand experiences. Most importantly we will hear from HR himself about his life, philosophies, and career while seeing him continue to write, record, and perform, spreading his passionate message of universal peace and love.

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