Saturday, December 17, 2016

Bobby Piercy never before seen photograph from 1977
on my Instagram

BOBBY PIERCY the Legend, slaloming at a park in SanDiego late 1977 or early 1978, with his dog Sonny... according to best research among friends both Bobby and Sonny have long since passed (RIP). BP was a professional snow skier who brought his parallel stance and hip shaking to the cones with a vengeance. His natural abilities were pretty incredible, he even skated vertical and Surfed more than he skated or Snow skied. As a teen ager he'd fly me down to San Diego for the weekend to make photos down there, i was too young to drive so the cab to LAX would cost around 20 bucks and my plane ticket was usually less than TEN dollars, just incredible when you think about it (one or two of my ticket receipts is in the collage in the MY RULES book). Bobby would give me $100 at the end of the weekend to pay for the cabs, airplanes, film and developing. The only time i ever tried surfing was with Bobby, Jay Adams and Warren Bolster (all legends all gone). Ask anyone who knew him and you'll hear great stories, he was well loved by all, not to mention a true player with the ladies. Jus' sayin'. #STYLE #PointLoma #SanDiego #Player #PlayBoy #Racer #slalom #PARTY #ArrowSkateboards #unpublished #YouveNeverSeenThisOneBefore #Traknology #skateboarding #surfer #skier #TurnerSummerSki #BadAss #Pimp please feel free to chime in and let me know where in san diego this is, and have a good weekend ✌🏽p.s. electors use your brains and follow the advice of the founding fathers, vote your conscious. #Dump

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