Thursday, January 3, 2019

Black Flag era Henry Rollins Skating circa 1982 on my IG

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HENRY ROLLINS still in his first year as BLACK FLAG’s 4th lead vocalist taking a break from thier rigorous practicing schedule - harDCore S.O. A. transplant and still a skateboarder. I believe i got Henry hooked up with this free equipment from Powell Peralta and Independent (we even ended up making a few images that became an Indy ad in Thrasher on this same roll of film) remember folks H was a skater before he was a punk rocker (becuase when Henry became a skater there really wasn’t anything people called PUNK yet!), and once that’s in your veins that shit ain’t really ever coming out if you’re not a poseur. This is probably early 1982 or late ‘81 just down the block from the grungy SST office (one small room) where most of the band lived and worked. Henry is as real as they come. One can even make the argument that the term HARD CORE in PUNK has a LOT to do with this man. So here he is coming off a wall, and if you flip to the left he’s doing his take on a classic flat land curbed layback, and just for the hell of it i threw in the popular sticker of the day that the band would hand out during the time when ADAM AND THE ANTS were all the pop rage. I uncovered all these gems while out west for the holiday in my attic archive at my moms ...#PunkRock #BlackFlag #Skateboarding #integrity #inspiration #HaNK #HenryRollins #BonesBrigade #SeriousAsAHeartAttack #AWDFA #GIVINGZEROFUCKS #ArchiveDiscovery #Holiday so yeah, happy fucking holidays to you all and for you assholes who need it specific just to your belief merry fucking XMas.. dig this.

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