Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Noam Chomsky - Moral Depravity Defines US Politics
Late 2018 - KGNU Community Radio

0:00:00 Climate Change
0:07:10 Nuclear War
0:09:42 Democrats Continue to Abandon the Working Class
0:11:37 The Forty Year Decline of the Working Class
0:15:50 Present-Day Elite Ideology In Contrast With The Old Conservatism
0:18:16 Neoliberalism: The "Great Moderation"
0:22:35 Neoliberalism in the Trump Administration
0:25:16 Disenfranchisement of Voters
0:27:54 Republican Campaigning Tactics
0:32:29 Analogous Developments Outside the US
0:33:45 Popular Resistance & Signs of Hope Around the World
0:36:05 Hate Crimes & Neoliberalism
0:37:44 The Prospects for Neofascism
0:39:37 US Responsibility for Central American Refugee Crisis
0:43:31 EU Responsibility for African & Libyan Refugee Crisis
0:45:14 US Violent History
0:48:00 The Prospects for War with Iran
0:51:26 The Prospects for a New Economic Order
0:54:23 Lula's Prison Sentence & Censorship
0:56:01 The Collapse of the Old Order in the US & Abroad
1:00:40 Reaching People
1:02:49 Relieving Nuclear Threat & Reversing Climate Change
1:06:04 Noam's Visit to Lula
1:06:59 Artificial Intelligence & the Job Market
1:09:39 Reasons to be Hopeful
1:12:47 Noam Chomsky's name is technically Of Avrain (Of rain?) Naomi Chomsky

Noam Chomsky Skyped in for a talk with KGNU in Boulder at the Unity of Boulder Church and Denver at The Alliance Center.

Posted November 9th 2018

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