Saturday, January 5, 2019

My First Published Photograph from the fall of 1976
as it Appeared in SkateBoarder magazine

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JAY ADAMS ... My 1st published photo. Taken in the fall of 1976, at the Tear Drop, a tiny pool with almost no shallow end shaped like a tear drop... Up in Brentwood, not far from Kenter Canyon School ... i was 14 years old. Used by the BIBLE the original SKATEBOARDER Magazine for a full page subscription ad. Zoom in and look at the details of what was going on back then... i was beyond stoked, even though at the same time i was bummed they didn’t use the photo in its original full color, cropped it crazy and that’s not to mention he’s not pulling this off! But it was the first time someone was coming out of the pool like that, it inspired legions! I had so many better photographs in color and B&W, WTF? The ace editor and photo editor/chief photographer Warren Bolster knew better than I at the time that the attitude and style in this image was all he needed with that little bit of never before seen air. It was a big deal. And my photo credit blew me away... so began the journey... today i put on the finishing touches to the EXTENDED NEW EDITION of “DOGTOWN - The Legend of the Z-BOYS” lots of extra pages and a little bigger in size too, redesigned cover, and a bunch of re found dug up photos from the era never seen before... official release is July 2nd but Amazon is taking pre-orders now. Even if you have the original one, this has improved so much you’re gonna want it too. And if you never got the original edition you will be loving this book. . #Skateboarding #inspiration #jayAdams #zboys #zephyr #inspiration #integrity #DogTown #OG #original #WLA #1976 #gnarly #air #archetype @jboy #goodtimes #BiMonthly

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