Monday, May 18, 2009

Hip-Hop in the media circa 1981

From a program i have come to detest over the years especially after scumbag John Stossel came on, here's 20/20's look at Hip-Hop in 1981, from Rap Radar. Crazy bit of cultural science. (pt.2 is the better piece).

(Thanks, Doug.)

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  1. I didn't hear them say anything about relating rap music to poetry. Some poetry rhymes, correct? And some of those same poems have a melody to them, to which the reporter said rap music lacks. I would argue that point.

    At the base of what they said was, if you're black, from the city, and you rhyme, then you're rapping.

    The coverage wasn't terrible for the time that it came out, so 20/20 gets an A for effort.

    Overall, a nice find. Thanks for sharing.

    P.S. I never really cared for The Rapture. Didn't do it for me.