Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Story of Rough Trade records

This is a very cool BBC documentary on the incredible Rough Trade records in London. Early example of the "Do It Yourself" culture and ethic.

I first went here in the spring of 1980 (after high school graduation). i was told by one of my English DJ friends who now lived in New York, to see a particular person and just buy what ever top few records they recommended. I came home with an early Crass 7" Bloody Revolutions/Persons Unknown, and an early Adam & the Ants record as well as a few bizarre others including Spizzenergi's "Where's Captain Kirk".

(thanks, to Joe Carducci who pointed this out in an e-mail today)


  1. Hey GEF - If you want to download the video to watch instead, someone has a copy up on at


  2. thanks for sharing this movie!

    there also have been a book about rt-history. by black dog, if i'm not mistaken