Saturday, May 2, 2009

Minor Threat DVD (last batch coming soon)

Well, i got a call the other day and Dischord are putting together the last batch of the original pressing of the Minor Threat live DVD (which is currently out of stock). It was decided at this time they would be able to alter the inside of the package with a tray card, so i was asked to see if i could dig up a few old shots that had never been printed before that they were interested in possibly using. One was live, which you will see on the inside of the DVD box tray if you get one of these last copies. The other shot, a band portrait was from the same roll of film as the "Salad Days" cover, was previously unpublished, and since they went with the live shot I thought i'd share the portrait scan with you here.

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  1. Awesome, Glen! Thanks for sharing. I remember going on a pilgrimage in 1989 to try to find the fabled Dischord house.