Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday sermon of the month
"Our Food - Our Future"

download the pdf here at Earthsave.

Unfortunate related news I only discovered earlier this evening is that DIET FOR A NEW AMERICA author John Robbins was also a victim of Bernard Madoff.
He and his wife of 42 years, Deo, lost 98 percent of their net worth in the vast investment sham that has sapped international banks, movie stars and charitable organizations. As a famous longtime resister of what he calls the "toxic mythology" that "self-worth is defined by net worth," Robbins acknowledged the inescapable irony of losing more than $1 million in a market-driven scheme fueled by old-fashioned greed.
Back in 1987 his book blazed a trail for myself and many others. John Robbins was really an important part of an awakening in this country and the world. While it was obviously not smart of him to put his life savings in the stock market or what he thought was the stock market, (not to mention against some of what he may have preached), it is sad for such a positive man to be effected so horribly. The story quoted above is linked to in the Santa Cruz Sentinel. Lot's of the comments are really negative, and that's just a sad commentary on those humans. This is one special human.

I highly recommend any of his books to everyone.

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