Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Crazy-ass freeway exchanges of the world"

This is a really interesting web site if you're at all intrigued by this type of stuff.

Jebediah says, "This is a photo gallery of strange and striking freeway interchange configurations, including ones like the volleyball, the double trumpet, and the turbine. Many are as, or more, visually interesting than the cloverleaf. Learning all the different varieties makes one feel a bit like a birdwatcher when driving on the interstate. 'Oh, there's a classic diamond! And there's a clovermill!'"

Part 1 from
Part 2 from
(thanks, Jeb and BoingBoing)

For someone who only drives when on vacation i sure do still think about this stuff a lot, and this is even more interesting to me "DIY electric VW goes 82MPH".

I've owned two cars in my life. In my senior year in high school I bought the first automatic Honda Prelude made, with all my SkateBoarder magazine savings. About five years later, in 1984, I had the opportunity to by a classic Mercedes for the price to get it out of the shop that a family friend did not want to pay, so I figured i'd have a Benz all fixed up for $3500, great, until the mechanic took me for a ride that wouldn't end 'til many thousands later, years later. (The Dead Kennedy's song "Trust Your Mechanic" comes to mind quite vividly for me). After i bought that car, by the late 80's i said i'd never buy another car unless it was electric. That car stayed with family in Los Angeles, I never brought it back to NYC, no need at all. A few years ago i sold that car to a good friend who will take care of it out there, it had been running fine for the old car that it is, but indeed care is what it always needs, but it was a cool classic that all my old friends remember fondly.

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