Monday, May 25, 2009

new poll for you

People identifying themselves as Republicans have fallen from 26 percent to 22 percent, their lowest level in 25 years, according to Pew.
Over the first four months of 2009, the Republican Party has continued to lose adherents. Interviews with over 7,000 respondents nationwide so far this year found fewer than a quarter (23%) of the combined total identifying themselves as Republicans. This is down from 25% in 2008, and from 30% in 2004. In total, the GOP has lost roughly a quarter of its base over the past five years.

But these Republican losses have not translated into substantial Democratic gains. So far in 2009, 35% of adults nationwide identify as Democrats, about the same as in 2008 (36%). While GOP identification has fallen seven points since 2004, the Democrats have gained only two points over that period. Instead, a growing number of Americans describe themselves as independents, 36% in 2009 compared with just 32% in 2008 and 30% in 2004.
It's about fucking time. now i wish the green party would start to be included and gain some ground in these surveys.

That reminds me, I watch HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher every Friday night for some entertaining political discussion (where i first heard of this new poll), and i think he's a good moderator of the discussions, i also appreciate that he's a vegetarian or at least tries to be, and often sticks up for animal rights. I even agree with him on the issue of religion. And I applauded him for standing up to ABC for what he said that supposedly got him kicked off the air there. BUT otherwise may i state for the record: what a fucking unfunny smug little shit he is, on the TV show, and in that horrible film Religulous - he was just so condescending and NOT funny - there were several movies out before his that do a much better job at discrediting all the major religions, his was just embarrassing. Honestly 95 percent of his monologues and "skits" on Real Time are NOT AT ALL funny when he's trying to be, and he often blames his studio audience for being too liberal since they don't laugh? DUDE, you got NO jokes, and btw. your music SUCKS as well. And while i'm at it, can you quit trying to hint to the whole world how much of a playboy you are with African American women? I mean i don't care who you like to fuck, but you are so juvenile in the way you like to make your little hints and remarks about it, not to mention your bragging about your pot smoking - what a fucking chump. I appreciate your political skills even if i don't always agree with you. But a stand-up comedian you are not (or, if you want to be, at least once and for all find some good writers!)


  1. I like your blog.I'm waiting for your new posts.

  2. What? I didn't get that memo about Bill Maher. Playboy with us sistas? I think not. Like you, I appreciate his show, but he can be a bit much at times.