Friday, May 15, 2009

Mike Tyson Documentary - no joke.

We've watched this twice already. If you have ever been intrigued or excited or even angered by this guy this documentary is a must see.

Go to a theater, rent the DVD or find the Bit Torrent, it's an incredible story done well and serious as Iron Mike's fist, pretty great.

I took this photo back in 1987.
Here's Tyson back stage at the Run-DMC & Beastie Boys "Together Forever" tour with Mookie (one of the tour crew - who i heard died recently). Mike had been champ only for a short while at the time I snapped this quick shot. He was dancing on the side of the stage during both sets. We used to see him at hip-hop spots pretty often back then.

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  1. I love Mike Tyson, but I don't think that film is playing here. I would like to own it though.