Tuesday, May 19, 2009

cool ticket coupon from 1984

Here's an interesting ticket from a show i helped put together while I was still managing Suicidal Tendencies.
Obviously you've heard of most of these bands that were playing below Suicidal on the bill, except maybe the Abandoned who i think i remember were a band started by Tony Cadena of the Adolescents after they first split up. Great to see The Chili Peppers opening for Suicidal AND S.S. Decontrol, don't know how they managed to stay above the Minutemen though.

Here's another previously unpublished photo from my archive.

Suicidal Tendencies circa 1983 on the side of the Smith house in Playa Del Rey, California. (Yup, that's Amery "AWOL" Smith on the right).


  1. Hi Glen...

    Mike Muir, ????, Louiche Mayorga e Amery Smith...

  2. that's John Nelson, who came on as soon as the album was finished being recorded (and coincidentally left just before the Institutionalized Video was made.) Grant selfishly decided after the recording of the debut LP that he couldn't tour, he was too much of a metal head anyway, and only played a few live shows the entire time he was with the group (by the way, there were several guitar players before Grant too, most notably Mike Ball who wrote a lot of the original music, Dunigan (sp?), and Rick Batson.) On the other hand Jon Nelson was probably the hardest working, most blues inspired guitar player they ever had. He went on the 1st tours outside of the L.A. area and their first few national tours too, and helped the band gain their national reputation (during encores he played with his teeth Jimi Hendrix style often). He also wrote the song "War Inside My Head" and one other i can't remember and sold them to Mike after he left the group for like $40 and a Flying "V" guitar.

  3. Thanks, Glen. That picture is classic!!

    I know Mike Muir and Jay Adams were friends. Any good history about this friendship?

  4. I think they became friendly during the early ST days, but for the most part Mike was never into the skating thing, that was Jim's territory.

  5. just wondering, have you ever actually shot the chili peppers?