Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cornel West & Carl Dix discuss Obama
- to do tonight in New York

I am going to try to make this event tonight. Not only will we see two incredible speakers but all the proceeds will go to benefit the Revolution Books store here in NYC, who desperately need help keeping their doors open these days.

THIS EVENT promises to be a crackling evening of passionate and penetrating conversation over matters that many are seriously concerned about but have not dared to discuss out loud and in public. Cornel West and Carl Dix will break the silence and address from their different philosophical perspectives what the election of Obama really means for people in the U.S. and around the world. And they will exchange over the need for resistance and the prospects for and path to liberation for the oppressed in the U.S. and indeed, for all of humanity.

CORNEL WEST is one of America's most provocative public intellectuals and has been a champion for racial justice since childhood. His writing, speaking, and teaching weave together the traditions of the black Baptist Church, progressive politics, and jazz. The New York Times has praised his "ferocious moral vision." Dr. West currently teaches at Princeton University.

CARL DIX is a longtime revolutionary activist and a spokesperson for the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA. Carl was one of the Fort Lewis 6 - six GI's who refused orders to go to Vietnam in 1970. Carl served 2 years in Leavenworth Military Penitentiary for this stand.

Proceeds of this event will benefit Revolution Books in New York City and the Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund, which provides subsidized subscriptions to Revolution newspaper and other revolutionary literature to prisoners. Information about the Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund is available at www.prisonersrevolutionaryliteraturefund.org

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