Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Z-Boy, "Baby Paul" Cullen, youngest member of the original Zephyr team, dies.


I was told by the family that anyone who wants to attend the service is welcome. It is being held this SATURDAY 7.25.09 @ 10:30AM St. Monica Catholic Church, 725 California Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90403. also a SUNDAY, 9AM, VENICE PIER PADDLE OUT MEMORIAL.

Check out the page dedicated to Paul on the Z-Boys.com web archive. Lots of pictures and the classic "Who's Hot" SkateBoarder magazine profile written by C.R. Stecyk III from the mid seventies.


2nd Update
original post deleted by request of the family


  1. rest in paradise... your pics of him were some of my favs..such youthful excuberance ...so sad..

  2. Thank you Glen, I knew P.C.(he was P.C. to me) when we were just little kids like 7 or 8 years old, he was a sweet funny kid back then, you have some great photos that capture him beautifully. I was shocked when I ran into him about 8 years ago at a 12 step meeting and he remembered who I was. He had been clean for a long while at that point. But I have watched him struggle to keep clean for the last 6 or 7 years, I thought for sure after his Baby Girl was born he would be more motivated to stay clean and sober, but I know because of my addictions that you can only stay sober for yourself. I just saw P.C. 2 weeks ago at a 4th of July BBQ, he was not looking good at all, but he was happy, he had his little Girl with him. He was such a happy, silly Daddy with her. I'm thankful my last memory of Paul is looking over and seeing him watch the fireworks with his little girl, with that big smile and soft chuckle in his voice. Rest in Peace my Friend!

  3. This is Brian Cullen. Paul's brother. It sucks, it hurts but lets all remember the ripper. Besides I dont evenknow the cause of death so show him some last respect and dont assume. BC

  4. hey glen you can call me for private info. you know the people who can give you my # jay, TA, MA, Yeron, Wes, Muir. love to talk with you and do something special in his memory. lots of love. B Cullen

  5. Brian, I just read your post up there. I am sorry for the loss of your brother. Prayers and thoughts out to you and your family.

    Glen You are right. It is lame that he is dead. I saw where Jay had posted something on is Facebook about it. I have not talked to Wentzle but I gave him a call. Thanks for the blog and I am sorry for the loss of your friend.

  6. Hi Glen...this is Christie (Pauls Girlfriend). He was so happy to see you in New York when we went...I took him there to celebrate his new sobriety. He had just gotten off of a three week methadone treatment from H. He just felt too sick there and wanted to feel normal around me and Brianne I guess. It wasn't too hard for him to find it in New York.

    Anyway, I feel it's important for all to know that between his bouts with drugs he was an amazing father to Brianne. I couldn't have imagined a more doting, loving and caring father. He was kind and overall happy. It was the little things in life that made him happy...surfing, being with his little girl. He just had something on his back that he couldn't shake...but he's shakin' it now, and now he's riding the biggest pools and the perfect waves. He's my girls angel now.

    RIP my love...you will be so missed.

  7. Met Wentzel today in Portland, Oregon. He shared the sad news... so young. Condolences to Paul's family.

  8. Glen,
    I met u with Paul. I may have know him only a fraction of his life, just a small moment in time, but Paul changed me, and was a source of my fondest memories. I photographed him as well, albeit many years later and under far different circumstances. Just a man, doin what he does, rippin it in Haliewa or SM, or Venice (where I got the pic for his "shoe").

    Paul was good. Right down to the bone. He had the best intentions. Always. He would lay right down for what is right. He had a spirit that will never die.

    Paul was human. Faults and all, but none of us aren't. He had loyalty that could shock a mule and heart that could bring your own heart to tears. Paul was a beautiful example of errors, of love, of generosity, of respect and honor. Paul was heartfelt humanity.

    I will miss him.


  9. Glen,
    Really sad to hear about Paul - Give his family my condolences.

    Brian (if you see this) it's been years but it my memoires of the crew and "Baby" Paul will always be positive.

    Randy Carranza

  10. "Sorry to say goodbye so early Paul"..... I grew up with PC from the early days in dogtown with Tony Caruso, the Byrd bros, Greg Calder and all the brothers from other mothers. We went to Roosevelt El and I remember when he showed me his first skateboard. We all created our own style, but his was unique. I saw him years later after we "grew up" and he looked good. He was working a steady job and seemed like he was on the right path. Seems like we all veered off that path at different times of our lives. It's sad to see how close he was, but couldn't beat the dragon on his back. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family, his wife, and mostly his little girl. "Rip" in peace Paul. Wes J.

  11. have fun riding the "Death Trap" in heaven Rat Face. Great memories will always be had.
    My best to the family during this time.

    Tony Caruso

  12. Wow,sad to hear about Paul,I grew up with Paul on "The North Side" I haven't seen anybody for a long time but I do remember all the shit we got into as kids or as I-9ers Idaho and 9th.All good memories won't ever give those up.My payers go to the family.Hope all is well with the rest of the boys I grew up with........ Jamie Hummer

  13. Paul was a conundrum to some, but I knew him has a good man, a gentle soul, and a brother of the sea. I will always speak of him highly...Ken at AT.

  14. It was always good times hanging with Baby Paul. From just talking about old times to just hanging in my living room talking about skating.

    Miss You brother,

    Pep Williams, DT Fam.

  15. Hi Glenn, it's Deb Zenter. We spent a lot of time with Paul, Mark was just working with him doing painting jobs. Through the years we confided in each other and he often told me how hard it was to keep sober and asked how I did it. I told him the same thing I told Jay Adams, you take it a day at a time, sometimes and hour at a time when life is stressful.
    To me, it doesn't matter how he passed, I know my husband Mark, my cousin Jesse Marinez, Stacy Peralta, Nathan Pratt, Skipper, Paul Constaineau, Peggy Oki and the rest are all devastated. I was on the phone all yesterday with them all. The night after we found out he was gone, we spent time with his baby girl Brianne and Christie, it was so sad and somber that evening. I will really miss my friend.

  16. Paul always had a good heart and time for a chat, some food and a paddle out.
    If there was waves great, If not to the pier and back.
    And even if we hadn't seen or talked to each other for a few months I'd always find him at the SMC fireworks show every year, even if we didn't plan it that way, And sit with him and MS Cullen, we would talk and have a good time, his mom always loved it.

    Brian, I'm so sorry!! if there's anything I can do in ANYWAY, please let me know.


  17. my uncle used to dump trash cans full of water on top of my great grandmas husband's head with him...


  18. GODDAMIT P.C....!!...What the hell ...I ran Away fm that place and DID not look back you were my friend...wz I too selfish or wz it self-preservation that kicked in to help,...or could I...??

  19. Paul and I got disiplined by the crazy nuns at Saint Monica's in the first grade. It didn't work. We where walking home from school in the first grade and we thought throwing stain berrys at passing cars would be a good idea, except we where too young too know about unmarked police cars. Since that first brush with the law at 6 years old, we've been friends ever since, 40 years. In that time I am proud to have known Paul. Lots of love left this rock when Paul did. All My Love goes to his family. He will be missed. Billy Pedone

  20. You! Boy with the corn yellow hair, steel blue eyes and mischievious grin.I recall a late summers evening years ago,We ate grilled cheese sandwiches as the Germs provided the backround music at my Granny's house. I always appreciated that you never called me "Jerry" and always introduced me as Todd. I miss you. R.I.P Paul Cullen.

  21. Paul had tremendous heart. Even in these later years he cared about those brothers who had gotten locked up - or maybe those sisters who were struggling with the disease. I remember when punk broke and jamming in on old garage in Dogtown with Paul on vocals: "I wish I had a hand grenade!" My prayers are with Christie, his little girl, Brian, and the family. Raynard "Ray" Packard