Saturday, July 18, 2009

I Love Cornel West . . .

I went to the event tuesday night, at City College in Harlem, as mentioned tuesday on the blog. It was pretty interesting - if you want to listen go HERE.

As usual Dr. Cornel West, although I don't always agree with him on everything, proves again to be the man. While Carl Dix also had lots of interesting and important things to say, much of which i did agree with, it just seemed to lack some answers regarding the actual execution of his ideals. Listen and make up your own mind...

Here's a nice portrait i got of Cornel just before they went on stage.
(he was gracious as usual, with the big hugs, and even remembered me! perhaps since contributing some words to my own favorite book The Idealist.)

And here's a shot i took from the audience (with the little digicam i got recently), a little later in the evening.

Update: here's the video of the event:

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