Thursday, July 2, 2009

Single Payer Action TV
"Everybody in nobody out"

Who We Are
* Single Payer Action is a national non-profit.
* Founded by activists.
* For the American people.
* Seeking to implement a single payer health insurance system in the United States.
* Medicare for all.
* In our lifetimes.

What We Don't Do
* We don't do coalitions with front groups.
* We don't do inside the beltway politics.
* We will never compromise on single payer.

What We Want
* Single payer.
* Simple.
* Direct.
* Everybody in.
* Nobody out.

What We Do
* We do direct action.
* Face to face with the health insurance industry.
* In front of the home office of your member of Congress.
* In front of your member of Congress, wherever he or she may be.
* Until we get single payer.

Why We Do What We Do
* We are sick that 22,000 Americans die every
year from lack of health insurance.
* We are sick of health insurance companies jacking up premiums while their health insurance company CEOs make out like bandits.
* We are sick of high deductibles, co-pays, and the in-network, out-of-network Rube Goldberg system we live under.
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Single Payer Action

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