Friday, October 30, 2009

Chuck Biscuits is Alive: 1965 - ?

* So as i am about to post this, since i wrote it earlier, word out now 100% sure and maybe the 1st place on line to say this, CHUCK IS ALIVE! A friend of mine is friends with one of Chuck's best friends (Otis Link) and he has spoken to Chuck today... so it will be everywhere else in a matter of hours I hope. - But this got me thinking, why does everyone wait until someone passes away before they pay their best respects? Fuck it! I'm paying my respects to Chuck right now, one way or another.

News from earlier is was that Chuck Biscuits passed away a few days ago. Chuck was is one of my favorite drummers of all time. The era when he played with Black Flag I believe was their absolute peak, and it was for less than a year. I got some classic photos from that time since i was so inspired. There were gigs where i would sit right between his kit and Greg's amp, just 'cause i could, to take it all in to the extreme. Later I also photographed Chuck while he was in the Circle Jerks. Even further down the line, when Rick Rubin called me, said they were looking for a drummer for Danzig, the first name that came out of my mouth was Biscuits, my advice was heeded and they all had a great infamous run together.

The first time I ever saw Chuck he was playing in D.O.A. probably one of the most important bands ever to come out of Canada and certainly one of the most important punk bands from that early 80's era. He was only around 15 years old when I saw him playing that 1st time in 1980. Starting at such a young age travelling on underground punk tours, breaking ground like no one else at the time, may have explained his more relaxed and prone to goofy demeanor that followed him for as long as i knew him. That said, I never saw anyone hit the drums as hard or with as big sticks as he used, he also sat up really high on his kit, unlike anyone i have ever seen, practically standing, one would imagine just so he could hit the skins with that much more force. He was truly incredible.

From what i hear, "he died Saturday after a prolonged battle with throat cancer. He was 44." {NOT TRUE}

Here are a few favorite rare photos of mine of him, and only a few of the many bands he was in.

Black Flag c. 1982 (Biscuits, 2nd from right)

Circle Jerks c. 1983 (Biscuits, center back hiding behind his jacket lapel)

Danzig c. 1987 (Biscuits, the only blond)

-as usual, click on the images to see them large.


  1. What good news, yeah! Chuck's drumming is still in my bones from seeing him at shows in Phoenix for ALL of those bands. He fell off my radar as I aged, and I jumped on seeing his name in your post. As you said – all of these monuments dropping away. I hadn't heard the myth of his passing yet, but I am happy to hear it's not accurate!

  2. Great Danzig photo and inspiration to revisit that tough first album.

  3. great pictures, so what about Chuck, did he showed up or something ?