Wednesday, October 7, 2009

never know what you might see in NYC

Sunday we stumbled into central park just because the weather was so nice, no plan, had no idea which way were were walking and came upon this incredible view, and then just a half hour later we see ninety year old Pete Seeger performing at the close of an EcoFest (also in Central Park), Incredible.

(click on the top image to check the details)


  1. Loved living there. I have two classic stories like that.

    The first was playing basketball in Thompkins Square Park while Modern Jazz Quartet played at the other side of the park. Quite a soundtrack for a pickup game.

    The second was innocently walking up Sixth Avenue towards Radio City and hearing the Foo Fighters grow louder and louder as I approached. They were playing atop the marquee for the MTV video music awards that year (1997?), so I and several other people got an impromptu Foo Fighters show for a couple of songs as they sound-checked for the gig later that night.

  2. Nice use of framing the image and the raking light seals the deal especially with those large leaves in the forground; estimating the time of the shot to be 4:00-5:00 pm.

    Olmstead did a good thing with that park.