Sunday, October 25, 2009

Something you might not have known...

Before he was a right wing loose nut, total fucking idiot, Ted Nugent was someone all my DogTown, other skate friends, and i used to look up to, pre-punk rock in the heavy metal hey-day of the mid-seventies. Ted was as fast and hard as it got, and that's all we needed.

I just found this classic clip from the era. As Incredible and as live as it gets.

Now if you're not old enough you'll think i'm a fucking idiot for even posting this, but if you're nearly as old as i, or older, you know there was not much better than this at the time, in the mainstream at least. I'm not embarrassed, it's part of what made me what i am today. I will still list "Double Live Gonzo" as one of my top ten albums of all time. Do i respect Ted now? HELL FUCKING NO, But you can't take away those great times either. He was inspiration for a lot of us.

Oh did i forget to mention, he basically was the only rock'n'roller of the era who was steadfastly against drug use and he only ate meat he killed himself? And did i make it abundantly clear i do NOT agree with this fool on anything in the last 30 years, except maybe a strong work ethic, and his O.G. Straight Edge stance? OK, cool.

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