Friday, November 4, 2016

Mark Gonzales hang yesterday
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The GONZ about an hour ago Mark Gonzales came by as usual, unannounced because he does not have a cell phone, nor does he normally even use a phone. But last week we did agree that certain hours of the day may be better than others to do so, so today he came by too meet up for a snack at the local dope french bread spot. I usually post archive images from my books here and other finds of mine sometimes not in the books, but its a rare day when i actually share photos as most do, taken with an iPhone etc. but today i brought my iPod touch down with me (my phone is an old style construction workers flip phone or clam shell some call it, it's not a smart phone in any way, at least not how i use it, voice calls period, no text!) I got a tiny lens adaptor for the iPod and wanted to try it out. Mark was waiting for me on this cool little old bike, with his board and a bag, as ill as usual. We had a great hang and i made a couple of fun photos of him too. This was my favorite. The funny thing is, as much as i know Mark is truly on of the most naturally gifted skaters of all time, respected universally, and we've none each other for decades (i think i even introduced him to his first girlfriend!) i have never made a skate photo with him! Well not on film anyway, i did make one about eight or so years ago with my ex-wife's first generation iPhone, (i posted it here a few months ago, and threw it in the skate collage in the MY RULES book, he's riding up a graffiti painted wall, off a ramp where there used to be a skate area in a local school yard, we were walking by and he borrowed a skate and tried what i thought would be a cool thing to photograph, wearing fancy tones of red from head to toe). And to this day he's still trying to get me to make a REAL photo with him... i just want it to be DOPE... maybe one day 😜 in the mean time we got this ... #gonz #krooked #the gonz #skateboarding #NYC #streetMaster #HallOfFamer #Vision #inspiration #skateboarding #streetSkating #crazy #fun #frenchBread #SoyMochaDeCafe #DigiPhoto #NewHat #Adidas #TODAY

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