Saturday, November 12, 2016

Todays rant from my Instagram

This photograph of me was taken by Michael O'Meally at the Contemporary Art Center in Cincinnati where i had three huge prints on display as one of the O.G. Influence instigators to inspire the group that was known as the "Beautiful Losers". I was never quite sure how i felt about all that, but nonetheless my work is always to Inspire, and indeed, perhaps not all, but cool stuff has come from some of these folks. That said i like the shirt I'm wearing for obvious reasons. People say we shouldn't be negative about certain things going on in, around, and to the world, what i say to that is FUCK THAT. You might think it's negative, but just because i am pointing out lies, deceit, and ugliness does not mean i am being negative, FUCK THAT. I have an opinion, a valid one, and if i say it out loud in public it's an informed one, and if yours is informed and educated you should say it too! People remaining quiet when they know better are doing a disservice to the community if they don't call people out on their BULL SHIT. - APATHY KILLS! Don't tell me to not be negative or be positive because your perspective doesn't comprehend positivity out of criticism. Ghandi, Malcolm, Orwell, MLK, Mandela, were all people who pointed out the negative they saw in the world in an attempt to make it better, and they also highlighted the positive that could come about if change to those negative ideas occurred. Love & peace motivated these thoughts, not criticism for no reason, not to belittle, not to degrade, not to hurt, not for ridicule, but to be constructive, for the betterment of all life on this planet, at least in our "civilized" societies. SO if you want to hear something positive then keep listening here, if you want to be inspired to care for the planet and all of its life, hang out. But if you think business and capitol is the answer to all the worlds ills, and that money can buy you love, and we should allow dictators or other government leaders do as they like unchecked or unguided by our ideals, then you haven't picked up a thing from my hard work or most of the artists i portray. You're just looking to be entertained? "Am i here just to amuse you?" (Joe Pesci voice) 🖕

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