Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Skaters and musicians drawings from my personal collection

Over the last weekend I posted these three drawings on my Instagram including drawings by Wes Humpston, Chuck Dukowski and Chuck D. of Public Enemy, with some back stories... I thought you might like them.

WES HUMPSTON custom hand drawn DOGTOWN boards he made for me back around the turn of the century. One for the wall and a year or two later one to ride. Both based on other boards i had made photos of over the years. The full color and airbrushed one is based on a board he made for Jay Adams that i made some great photos of at the MDR skatepark circa 78-79, i asked him to add the eye the dolphins and emblems. Everything has meaning, I'm not a nazi nor do i believe in ANY religion but the swastika is a throw back to the time of the skate and surf nazis, an extreme, something a lot of folks had on their boards in the politically incorrect 70's and i figured I'd add the star of David to balance that out just in case of misinterpretation, and the OHM in the middle for good measure. The eye is like my lens, the creativity, in my eyes. The dolphins representing the Pisces, 3 on each side split into two, 3/3/62 my birthday... Jeff Ho's ZEPHYR logo on the nose, etc., etc. ... and the the other board, simple black ink alone as Wes used to do before things got more colorful, a throw back to the original original boards he and Jim used to make for friends and sell out of the trunk. This post will be the first of three in a row exposing some incredible drawings from incredible artists in more ways than one. #DogTown #WesHumpston #BullDogArt #ART #SkateboardArt #HandMade #Design #skateboarding #quiver #wallhanger #ride #cruiser #DogTownSkates #PersonalCollection

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BLACK FLAG original hand drawn artwork by CHUCK DUKOWSKI on this early 1981 test pressing of the SIX PACK E.P. this is the B-side with the appropriate drawing, for the songs AMERICAN WASTE and I'VE HEARD IT BEFORE... this record was produced by Geza-X and SPOT, DEZ CADENA was the singer, and of course Robo on Drums , Dukowski on Bass, Ginn on Guitar. Greg wrote the A-side, Chuck the B-side. This is an incredible record. Stoked to have this test pressing in my collection still, i got from Chuck way back then, when i was probably trying to get it reviewed in SkateBoarder's "Action Now" magazine.... #BLACKFLAG #DIY #Dukowski #PunkRock #Punk #HandDrawn #OneOfAKind #Art #7inchRecord #testPressing #Rare #vinyl #3songEP #Dez #IveHeardItBefore #AmericanWaste #PersonalCollection THIS POST IS THE 2nd OF THREE IN A ROW EXPOSING SOME INCREDIBLE ARTISTS IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE. Yesterday was skateboard art, today it's punk record art, tomorrow's hip hop artists sketch of an idea for an infamous debut LP cover photo will blow you away!

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PUBLIC ENEMY - This is the original sketch that CHUCK D. made for me as a guide for the YO! BUM RUSH THE SHOW! Album cover. This has never been seen anywhere publicly before this post. It's great when artists have ideas and work together, collaborating visions with the artists themselves is the only way to go. Most often i would come up with ideas based on the albums title or a particular song, but in this case Chuck knew what he was looking for, (after all Chuck was educated as a graphic designer, and came up with the P.E. logo as well on his own), he gave me this sketch and i added my own thoughts, and the rest became history. Soon after people came out with similar looking covers, etc. etc. and even later one group did a total homage to the original, not so much "biting" i saw it all as flattery and was happy we could inspire and help others come to their own visions. As I've said before i knew this was going to be one of the great hip hop albums of the era, so i was happy to be down and to help shape the images that would live on... and tell the incredible cultural story of Hip-Hop. THIS POST IS THE 3rd OF THREE IN A ROW EXPOSING SOME INCREDIBLE ARTISTS IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE. #PUBLICENEMY #ChuckD #HipHop #GoldenEra #DefJamTellsYouWhoIAm #DefJam #MiUziWeighsATon #PublicEnemyNumber1 #art #Sketch #Artist #Creative #designer #CollaborativeEffort #inspiration #integrity #PersonalCollection

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