Friday, November 11, 2016

PUBLIC ENEMY takin' it to the streets
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PUBLIC ENEMY circa 1986 New York City (Lafayette & Bleecker) BACK TO THE STREETS EVERYONE, IT'S TIME! Lots of folks gave O the benefit of the doubt and did not want to #OCCUPY while he was in office, wanted to give him a fair chance, no need to comment on that now. There should be no holding back this time, and by this time i mean it needs to happen again! I want to see Dump create millions of jobs rebuilding our infrastructure as he promised, a better health care system as he promised, campaign finance reform as he promised, raise the minimum wage as promised, and a few other glimmers of light among the darkness that his campaign and election has already cast. He must denounce the racism that many of his followers practice (mimicking his own behavior), and have unabashedly lashed out on many, including our most vulnerable in just hours after the election, it's disgusting and despicable. The election of Dump leads one to believe that any thinking person is a PUBLIC ENEMY. ----------------- This photo was just one of several we made this afternoon just down the street from the DEF JAM office, and CBGB's. It also appears published for the first time ever in the MY RULES book.

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  1. Loving it. I discovered Public Enemy in 1990, the year my son was born. He grew up hearing their positive, powerful messages.
    Yeah...I'm not holding my breath that The Rump will do the right thing. Those of us who give a damn need to hold him accountable always. Disgusted at this turn of events for sure.