Sunday, July 29, 2018

1981 Photo of Me Skating by C.R.Stecyk III
from my IG act.

Yes that's me, glen, bank skating in 1981. This photograph was made by my good friend, and mentor of sorts, Craig Stecyk @crstecykiii at some remote schoolyard he took me to that i had never seen before. I needed a photo of myself for some book that asked me for a portrait. So i called Craig and asked the favor if he would honor me. CRS just asked me to bring a roll of film, after we finished the roll he popped it out of his camera, put it in its little black and gray plastic canister and just tossed it to me. He didn't need nor care, I don't think to see them. i asked him for a photo and i guess he knew he got it and just gave it to me to process, print and do as i needed. Simple. I know no one like him. If I could ever consider anyone a mentor it'd be him. The Godfather of skateboarding culture, period. Six months later he called and asked if I'd send one of my favorites up to Thrasher, he wrote an article he wanted me to be a part of, "Really? A photo of me IN one of your skate articles? Really?" I was fucking stoked! #pure #inspiration #artist #photographyAsArt #respect #SkateBoarderMagazine #theBible #punk #attitude #integrity #DIY #MyRules #FuckYouHeroes #blackANDwhite #BadAss #BankSkating #Bertleman #Bert #style #DoWhatYouLove #KeepItReal #thrashermagazine #photographersthatskate

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