Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Adolescents Steve Soto R.I.P.
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(These two images above are the only two I made of Steve Soto when we did the photos for the Adolescents 1st album cover)

the ADOLESCENTS - Tony B. (Cadena) and STEVE SOTO when you swipe. The photo of Tony is at one of their very first shows, it was in a bowl at the Marina Del Rey skatepark, you can even see the TurningPoint ramp in the background. They were one of the great bands to first emerge from Orange County, certaily NOT where they wanted to be from, and that angst came out incredibly in most of their songs. When i heard their first demo on “RODNEY on the ROQ” i was blown away. It was at least five or eight songs and Rodney would play the tape all the way through at once (i wish i could find THAT exact tape he would play - the one released is NOT the same, it’s missing WORD ATTACK). After i heard that they were working on an album i reached out to Lisa Fancher at FRONTIER Records who was putting out the LP, i told here i had amazing photos of the band that should be used on the LP, she loved what i had and asked me/hired me to shoot a band photo for the back cover! My first LP cover, i was 18. Well getting that group photo would not be easy or even possible that night after the Black Flag show they opened. Casey the drummer was wearing a swasitka spray painted on his red turtleneck (pure shock value, nothing else) Tony was so disgusted he refused to pose with him, so i had to make individual portraits of each of them and hope Lisa would go for it, she and everyone loved them, more personality in the individual photos. Sadly STEVE SOTO one of the original members of the ADOLESCENTS passed over the weekend. I dug through my old proof sheets to scan this photo from that 1st LP shoot, only one or two frames of each guy, maybe a couple more of Tony. I was hanging out with Tony back in May, he’s really an incredible person. Besides still doing the band thing every once in a while he’s a school teacher. (The most noble profession!) #Adolescents #SteveSotoRIP #WordAttack #KidsoftheBlackHole #PunkRock #OC #WreckingCrew #Frontier #TonyCadena #MarinaSkatepark #MarkAlva #SlamDancing #inspiration #integrity #Abandoned #1980

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