Saturday, July 21, 2018

Fat Boys are Back
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The FAT BOYS circa 1985, somewhere in Hollywood on the set of a morning show of some kind. After shooting Beastie Boys, then UTFO, I think the Fat Boys were the next group i had an opportunity to make photos with. Sure they were a bit of a gimmick, but these guys were actually really talented. I saw them get on a shitty mic at a Roller Rink in South Central L.A. one evening, a mic that was so bad it could barely amplify a voice it was so whack and crackly (worse than a distorted style Beastie Boys mic from CYH) that when they were rapping not half the words could be made out. BUT when "Buffy", aka "Buff Love", aka "The Human Beat Box", "Kool Rock-Ski", and "Prince Markie Dee" started beat boxing and passing the one mike around or huddled all together around the one mic, it gave new meaning to "rockin' the house" , it was one of the top ten hip hop moments I ever witnessed, being my first time to a south central roller rink and literally being the only white person there while this whole place (over a thousand kids) started rockin' in unison was a mind blowing cultural experience that i'd never forget. I had my camera, but i believe it was so dark in there i couldn't even see well enough through the camera's view finder to focus and take a photo, so i just laid in the cut and observed the proceedings, it was a great and exciting time, by the time we left (i did come with them i believe) everyone was worn out and sweaty... Probably made this photo with them the next morning, they were in L.A. For a few days and i travelled with them for most of it, i got some other images if i find i will post over time. #hiphop #culture #hiphopbeginnings #southcentral #LA #FatBoys #HumanBeatBox #NewYorkCulture #RapMusic #theDisco3 #FatBoysAreBack #

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