Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Fugazi in Washington DC 30 years ago
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Shout out to WASHINGTON DC in the snow! FUGAZI posing for a shot they really did not want to do. circa 1989 ... By this time i was all about FUGAZI they were becoming an all time favorite. So we did this session walking around town and made a great bunch of photographs this day which you can see in several of my books. This one appears up front in my book "KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN - The Fugazi photographs of glen E. Friedman" with an essay by Ian F Svenonious - From their first year, to the last show played on US soil with all different types of photography experiments of light, texture, film stocks, techniques, clearly one of my favorites and best. Shooting good friends for no outlet to share in mind, just for the sake of capturing and portraying something that i knew was special, fantastic, groundbreaking and inspiring. There are some great FUGAZI photographs in MY RULES , but the reason there are not a ton more is becuase of this entire book devoted only to them. If you are a Fugazi fan there is no reason you shouldn't have or Love it. "Maybe the best visual of a single band ever" someone said. #FUGAZI #brendancanty #joelally #guypicciotto #ianMackaye @dischordrecords #integrity #idealism #inspiration #punk #WashingtonDC #photography #ianFsvenonius #GetTheNewBook @chainandthegang

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