Monday, April 5, 2010

Anatomy of a huge 80's smash

Here's a video time line of the popular hit of the early 80's, "White Lines"

let's start with this cool video made for the original:
Liquid Liquid, The song is called "Cavern" from small indie label 99 records, whose store i used to go to (on MacDougal St. Here in Greenwich Village) to buy cool PUNK singles, while in high school in the late 70's! (got The Dead Kennedy's, Germs, and Black Flag, 1st singles there.)

The Hit: GrandMaster Flash and The Furious Five, White Lines (I couldn't find any actual "video" made for this song):

this "video" of the hit perhaps a student film from Spike Lee:

Duran Duran version (maybe the most hideous and simultaneously punk thing they ever did):

thanks for the heads up Dangerous Minds


  1. the cavern bass line was played by illustrator
    I believe that sugar hill went bust before they could be taken to court and duran duran ended up being sued for their version.

  2. Now that's a comment! one that adds to the story, thanks Michael!