Saturday, April 17, 2010

Queen Guitarist Fights To Keep Blood Sports In Past, Where They Belong

from ecorazzi
Penned by Queen guitarist Brian May in 1979, the song “Save Me” – with such emotional lyrics like “Don’t let me face my life alone…Save, save, ooh…I’m naked and I’m far from home” – seems to be a fitting inspiration 31 years later for his new animal-friendly endeavor. The 63 year old Brit, known far more for his searing virtuoso licks than his astrophysics PhD, happens to have another interesting dimension to his persona – that of animal rights advocate.

May’s new self-funded ‘SAVE-ME’ campaign specifically urges Britain’s voting public to keep the Hunting Act of 2004, which outlaws the long cultural practice of hunting down rabbits, foxes, deer, and mink with packs of dogs, in place.

With a May 6th general election predicted to radically alter the balance of Britain’s Parliament, Brian and his supporters’ main concern is that the Tory party may repeal a law that for just six short years has ensured wildlife won’t meet a cruel fate. As it stands, the Tories have a 12 point lead, so this campaign is truly a life or death situation.

May explains: “Our aim is to give animals a voice. It’s clear that the vast majority of the British public are animal lovers and abhor the cruelty of hunting with packs of dogs. We are urging everyone to support only those candidates who commit to voting against the repeal – keeping the law in place, and ultimately banning cruelty from our countryside. We will support any candidate from any party who commits to keeping the law against hunting in place.”

Anyone living in the United Kingdom? If so, please urge them to visit May’s website and join the campaign. This is the type of effort that deserves as much rallying around and support as possible.

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