Wednesday, April 7, 2010

MOS DUB - Max Tannone, Does It Again

No need to be a Mos Def or Dub fan, this shit is killin' it.

from the same guy that brought us:
Double Check Your Head

Max himself told me: "I can you tell that I was partly inspired by watching footage of sound system culture...(check out jack ruby soundsystem on youtube)...I think that whole scene was incredible and cool...especially when I read about these deejay's building their own speakers and amplifiers, trying to outdo each other...the whole thing is really inspiring and fascinating to me...

I'm also intrigued by engineers/producers like King Tubby, Lee Perry, and Scientist. In a way...just trying to emulate what they did, how they mixed live off of a mixing board, manipulating delay feedback, the creative use of sound effects, their use of bass, becoming true artists in their own right...I didn't mix Mos Dub live off a mixing board, but while doing the project I definitely had this stuff in mind."

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Thanks, AdRock

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