Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Amazing Rare Footage of the Avengers !

Punk Rock 101 - This was one of the earliest punk bands led by a female vocalist stateside (the incredible Penelope Houston). Everyone who was into punk in the 70's loved, at least the song "The American in Me".

from DangerousMinds:
Ah, Avengers! Led by art student Penelope Houston, the San-Francisco-based band opened, of course, for The Sex Pistols during that final, disastrous show at Winterland. And, yeah, maybe his band was imploding, but Steve Jones liked what he saw. The Pistols’ guitarist went on to produce the band’s first EP, which, IMO sounds far more ferocious than their still glorious (and still out-of-print) full-length, Avengers.

The clarity of the following clips—both of them, gulp, 32-years-old—is absolutely astounding. I’m assuming the first one’s from SF, but the second one takes place at LA’s legendary Masque. Click play, watch, repeat!

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