Friday, June 5, 2009

Previously Unpublished - DANZIG

Here are a couple of photos from the first photo session ever of the band DANZIG (circa 1988). Not one of these was used for the original purpose of publicity, for one reason or another, but when you look back at them it's just hard to believe.

I shot this whole day more as a favor to Rick Rubin than anything else. Rick has always been a big fan and supporter of my work. I actually introduced him to Glenn Danzig at his request, and he signed him shortly thereafter. I even had the idea to introduce them to Chuck Biscuits when i heard they were looking for a drummer, and i had heard Chuck was no longer in any bands at the time (although i probably never saw a better fit for Chuck than the few years he played with the Circle Jerks - not to say he was not totally incredible in Black Flag, because of course he was, i believe he just couldn't keep up the work ethic - and of course you can never downplay his teen years as a member of the groundbreaking DOA) truthfully Chuck adds to any group he's in, hands down one of the greatest if not the greatest punk drummer of all time.

Anyway, unless you have my Fuck You Too book you've never seen any photos from this session anywhere (and there are quite a few more good ones too!)

Let's throw in this poorly scanned still i took from the Tougher Than Leather movie shoot of Rick with adult film star, Lois Ayres, for good measure:

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  1. Great pics there. Rick is the man and someone I looked up to for many years.