Saturday, June 13, 2009

"strict new controls on the making and marketing of products that eventually kill half their regular users."

I've always hated cigarettes, worse than drinking in clubs because it invaded every ones personal space whether you wanted it to or not. Remember having to shower every night for a half hour to get the smell off your body at 4am before going to sleep just because you went to a club? kids are lucky nowadays, i can barely imagine how much more i would have enjoyed going out if there was no smoking in clubs, i still went out a lot up til the early 90's, but i imagine if there was no smoking in clubs i would have continued a lot longer.

Smokers are some pretty selfish motherfuckers in my opinion, #1 they don't really care for those who love them since they continue to smoke, pretty much assuring their early demise. #2 they effect the air and the health of everyone around them. #3 they think they are rebels by smoking but they are really some of the biggest supporters of corporate culture there are since they continue to buy cigarettes from the horrible corporations and suck up an insane amounts of insurance premiums for health care.

(I read somewhere that Obama still smokes 3 cigarettes a day, at least he does it in privacy, it's a shame that he does not quit, but at least he's not showing it off and disrespecting others personal health).

So that all said it's about fucking time the government let the FDA get involved in the regulation of cancer sticks. Here's a bit of the piece from yesterday's NYTimes
Senate Approves Tight Regulation Over Cigarettes
More than four decades after the surgeon general declared smoking a health hazard, the Senate on Thursday cleared the final hurdle to empowering federal officials to regulate cigarettes and other forms of tobacco for the first time.

The legislation, which the White House said President Obama would sign as soon as it reached his desk, will enable the Food and Drug Administration to impose potentially strict new controls on the making and marketing of products that eventually kill half their regular users. The House, which passed a similar bill in April, may vote on the Senate version as soon as Friday.

“This is a historic step changing the nature of tobacco in society forever,” said Clifford E. Douglas, the director of the University of Michigan Tobacco Research Network, which has extensively studied the health effects of smoking and was one of many groups that have long pushed for tobacco regulation...

“This is a bill not for a one-year or two-year splash, but for a long-term impact,” said Matthew L. Myers, president of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, a Washington advocacy group that took a lead in coordinating support for the legislation."

Read the whole article here in the New York Times.
Or to just check out the slide show they put together of old ads go here.

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  1. The funny thing about smokers is that they continue to bitch and moan about how much a pack costs year after year, but they still buy without a hitch in their giddyup. The less smoke, the better.