Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Skateboarder's Journal (Australia)

Here's an over sized magazine from down under that I must admit is really well done for a skate rag. After current top of his game skate photog, and all around nice guy, Michael O'meally (who happened to shoot this portrait of me a few years back at the Beautiful Losers opening in Cincinnati) asked me if i would be down, he made the introduction to the editors who were very excited to do a full feature on my work over the years as well as interview. The issue has been out for a few weeks now and i recently got a copy from down there, and I must admit it came out pretty damn cool. They used one of my old 1977 photos for the cover, and although they did take some of my advice on design, someone down there went a bit crazy with the colors and too many blurbs, but it's all in good fun and still looks pretty cool - shit i doubt any of the folks who are on this magazine staff were barely even born when I took that photo! From what i hear it's gotten some good reaction and press of it's own down there. The interview came out pretty cool too, I'll drop in one of the questions below the cover. If you're down there or know anyone down there, you may want to get a copy, the photos printed well and BIGGER than anywhere else before.

SJ: Did you guys have any concept of being on the
forefront of skateboarding history, or was it just
natural progression?

GEF: Forefront? We were kids; we didn’t use words like that. We were just doing what had to be done, skating and punk rock a few years later. Indeed these were natural progressions that were bound to happen in one way or another. Just so happens the people I was hanging with did them more creatively and with more style than anyone ever had or would. In hindsight, there was definitely some ground breaking going on.

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